Each country has its own language and culture. There is also fashion culture in each country.

In our time, fashion means very much for life of many people. Due to new styles we can describe and indicate ourselves as a modern person.

In our city fashion divide on:

  1. Till 14 years old. Children, usually, wear many-colored and imaginary clothes.
  2. From 14 till 20 years old. Teens robe themselves diversely.
  3. After 20 years people choose their own style.

Each age has some restrictions.

In order to follow some style and fashion it is necessary to choose up-dated colors.

Schoolboys usually wear jeans, T-shirts and pullovers and schoolgirls like fall trousers and jeans, T-shirts, skirts, blouses and pullovers. And they like also sporty style. As for footwear, sneakers, slip-on shoes and sports shoes are very popular here.

Below you can see pictures of  Kyrgyz high fashion.

It is Dilia’s shows.


Dilia is a designer whose fashion show demonstrates traditional ancient and modern Kyrgyz costumes, decorated with hand-made and machine embroidery and performed from the silk, flax, wool as Kyrgyz made it in the ancient time. Kyrgyz people used the natural furs in their costumes and they are decorated with furs. Dilia’s show has a unique collection of antique ornaments from turquoise. Traditional costumes reflect the original character of Kyrgyz people.

Sabina Maltseva (Kyrgyzstan - 15 Jahre)
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